Sign Posts - NEX® & Square; Plain, Knockout and Perforated

S-Square sign posts are the ideal choice for supporting roadway and municipal signs. S-Square steel sign post systems are strong, economical and superior in aesthetics. Additionally, S-Square provides a complete line of sign post accessories and tools that make the installation of your sign post system stronger, faster, and easier than ever.


Sign Post Accessories

Sign attachments and components to finish your installation.


Sign Post Anchors

Anchors made from Square Posts. Crash tested to ensure strength and durability.


Sign Post Brackets

Brackets to mount signs to NEX® Posts

NEX® Post

The ideal solutions for mounting or supports in a wide range of applications.

Square Post

An industry standard for mounting signs with tough strength and clean aesthetics.


Sign Post Tools

Tools for quick installation and removal of anchors and sign posts.